Driving traffic and revenue starts with peeling back the layers of your data.

Red Onion gives restaurant and hospitality leaders cutting-edge analytics to improve the speed, agility, and confidence of their actions. Look beyond the numbers. It’s time to drive reach and frequency with a new understanding of guest behavior.

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With our AI-driven learning and predictive insights, you’ll know what your guests are doing almost before they do. Even better, you’ll understand why. The restaurant and hospitality business is hard enough. Connect with Red Onion and start making business decisions that are easier, quicker, and drive your topline revenue.

About Red Onion

Customer behavior changes constantly because of the decisions you make. Promotions. Menu offerings. Media channels. Customer experience. Every data point matters, but only if you understand why it matters. Restaurant BI like sales, traffic, and average check numbers have always been the lifeblood of every restaurant and hospitality brand. But by themselves, they don’t tell you anything about the customer behavior driving them.

That’s where Red Onion comes in.

Your success is predicated on the smart, informed moves you make and how quickly you can make them. Red Onion updates your data daily to tell you immediately how your customers’ behavior changes and how quickly they’re adapting to what you do.

We mine the science behind guest behavior to give you predictive insights that are actionable and immediate. Our simple, easy-to-use platform is an intelligent, AI-driven SAAS that integrates all your data and provides strategic analytics you can leverage to make decisions faster.

Predictive analytics measure the impact and consequences of your pricing strategies, advertising and promotional efforts, menu offering and optimization. And since the integrated results are all in one place, there’s no waiting for multiple people to review multiple reports to make multiple decisions. With Red Onion, you can be strategic, not reactionary.