Driving traffic and improving profitability starts with peeling back the layers of your data.

You have access to all the data you need to expand your customer base, improve guest retention, increase frequency, and grow your margins. The problem is that all your systems don’t talk to each other, and everyone is working in data silos.



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Marketing Vitals is now Red onion

For many years, Marketing Vitals has represented our roots in the commitment to bringing true data insights to the restaurant industry. In the more recent years, our team has developed a large suite of analytics that expand into operations, finance, culinary, guest behavior, demographics, and team member performance.

Our transformation into Red Onion will be representative of these products and the layers of data in these business areas that we will continue to bring light to.

About Red Onion

Red Onion gives restaurant and hospitality leaders cutting-edge machine learning and analytics to improve the speed, agility, and confidence of their actions. Look beyond the numbers. It’s time to drive profitability with a new understanding of guest behavior.

What we do

Predictive insights

There are so many variables that impact performance in the hospitality industry. So why have we always relied on comp sales, traffic, and check averages to determine the health of a brand? Or, even worse, believe a budget created six months ago takes into account what’s happening in your locations now. Red Onion’s machine learning aggregates all the variables impacting your business including transaction level POS data, loyalty, weather, marketing events, media spend, online ordering, and third-party delivery to create a predictable model. You will know in real time if your business is performing at, below, or above the model. You will be able to see how the informed decisions you make impact each data point.

Price elasticity

You need to know your guests’ tolerance for price changes. If you don’t make the right pricing decisions you could leave money on the table or you could force your guest to trade down or leave you. Red Onion’s pricing elasticity tool shows you how to achieve your ratios based on how your customer interacts with your products at the location level. Understanding each guest’s behavior on a daily basis gives you the opportunity to address that behavior more quickly, so you can optimize profits and minimize lost guests.

Team Performance Optimization

With our team performance tool, you’ll know which team members’ efforts create higher ticket averages, optimize sales, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. You’ll also understand who needs more training and where opportunities are slipping out the door.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Red Onion’s Customer Behavior Analytics tools uncover the larger impact of your advertising and promotional efforts beyond sales and traffic. You will know which promotions attracted new customers, which increased frequency from existing customers, and which changed the behavior of your loyal customers. With Red Onion’s insights, you’ll immediately understand what’s resonating with your guests so you can improve your performance next day, not next quarter.

Intuitive data visualization

By aggregating data from a multitude of sources daily, Red Onion ensures you have the most up-to-date and comprehensive information at your fingertips. But the true innovation of Red Onion lies in its ability to transform this raw, complex data into intuitive and easily understandable visualizations. Everyone in the organization will have access to the same data with visualization tools that are easy to understand. These visualizations distill the essence of the data, bringing to light patterns, trends, and insights that would otherwise be buried in the numbers. Analysts can spend their time helping the brand instead of running reports and filtering the information. Now you can make informed decisions faster and with confidence see the impact.

Partnering with Red Onion has been a game-changer for our marketing strategies. Red Onion has provided us with an advanced analytics platform that gives us access to comprehensive data insights and predictive analytics.  We can now forecast future trends, anticipate consumer demands, and gain deep insights into consumer behavior, trends and preferences in real-time. Having this ability has been invaluable in planning our promotions and adjusting our tactics proactively, rather than reactively. These tasks can now be completed in minutes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Dina Guillen

Director of Marketing, Jimboy’s Tacos

Red Onion is the dynamic business intelligence tool that we had been seeking. They shed timely light on information. The data has always been there, but the time and cost to extract solutions beyond traditional reporting has been prohibitive. Armed with this data and in concert with the intuitive nature of the tool, we are making profit driven decisions at all levels of the company – from Marketing and Finance, to Operations and Human Resources.

Randy DeWitt

Chairman FB Society Restaurants

The pricing feature in Red Onion has helped us to understand how much, where and on what items we are able to take price. Our goal is always to minimize any adverse impact to our fans when adjusting price – and the Red Onion tool has helped us to do just that – while simultaneously allowing us to maximize the opportunity.

Ryan Wilkinson

Vice President Marketing, Primanti Bro’s

Red Onion’s Price Elasticity tool allows businesses to make informed and measured pricing decisions based on their individual level of risk. Red Onion affords businesses the opportunity to go to market with confidence knowing that their pricing decisions were made on the foundation of data.

Eric Peterson

Vice President Operations & Partner, Fado Irish Pub

Red Onion’s Menu Analysis tool is second to none. It has helped our company truly understand our guest’s preferences and allowed us to better plan and execute our menu strategy. We have seen a boost in sales and more importantly franchisee profitability by optimizing our menu layout as a result.

Scott Richter

Vice President of Marketing, Boston’s Pizza

At Polly’s Pies, fostering server engagement and cultivating a fun work environment are paramount. With the Contests Module within Red Onion, we effortlessly achieve just that! This invaluable tool handles contest results and winner management, sparing us the hassle. We appreciate being able to use rate of sale to measure contest results, ensuring fairness amidst fluctuating schedules. Thanks to IncentivizeMe.com, servers can track their own progress in contests, eliminating the need for constant managerial updates. This efficiency grants us precious time to manage our restaurants!

Meghan Meadors

Advertising & PR, Polly’s Pies

Red Onion is the most powerful tool I have ever worked with for understanding the behavior and performance of our business, our coworkers and our guests.

Phil Crowley

Vice President & CFO, Lawry’s Restaurants

Having data and insights about our guests’ purchase behavior makes it so much easier to evaluate campaign performance, menu improvements, and the brand actions that really drive repeat and frequent visits. Red Onion gives us those insights quickly and comprehensively to help us make the very best decisions. We no longer need to guess how things work – now we know.

Brian Hipsher

Chief Marketing Officer Utilized Red Onion at 3 Different Brands City BBQ, Charley’s Philly, BIBIBOP

To go from what you think your guests are saying and what they talk about in print, to the truth that is only found in their transactions, is pretty sobering. It becomes immediately obvious that the only honest way a guest can talk about our brand is how they buy our food. The data doesn’t lie. Those hidden brand truths are only found within years of transaction history. Data we were sitting on for decades.

It really makes we wonder how many uninformed guesses we made on marketing spend and brand direction impacting operational results. To now embrace this information is to be respectful of what is truly happening at every location thru the eyes and wallets of our guests.

Anonymous Client

The data we can now access through Red Onion has fundamentally changed the way we market. The visualization of promotional data in Red Onion makes it possible for us to understand not only sales and redemption, but the total value of certain types of transactions and how they impact visit frequency.

Jon Rice

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Outsiders

We have completely changed up our media buys and product promotions based on performance insights from the previous year. We’re going to get more impact for our dollars because we can refocus our spending saving thousands of dollars on promotions that didn’t drive increased sales. The Red Onion platform is an incredible value by segmenting guests into smaller targeted groups for relevant messaging, rather than pushing out blanket messaging to the masses. Relevancy increases redemption and that drives more profitable sales.

Anonymous Client

Onboarding with Red Onion was really simple and low-effort. As an IT Director, integrations tend to give me heartburn. However, the promises made by the Red Onion team were true: onboarding is painless, especially with Toast POS. I recall total effort on my team’s part was providing some location-specific IDs from Toast, and helping to categorize some menu items and other elements using a drag-and-drop interface. Literally a few hours total. We had live data in a week, and the organization seems to be getting some pretty good insights out of it.  

Would Recommend.

Nick Wallace

Director of IT, Mi Cocina




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